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Overview: What needs fixing by Mac OS X Leopard

Apple LogoApple Computer's Mac OS X Leopard is due in 2007, around the same time as Microsoft's Windows Vista. Why then, do I have a site with it at the top? Because its predecessor, Mac OS X Tiger, while a worthwhile improvement over Panther, was a disappointment. It takes an entire website to explain some parts of the problem, but I'll try to summarise: while Apple has been focusing on adding new features to look like they are keeping pace with their competitors, they have neglected to refine some of the most important parts of their OS, like the Finder. In fact, the Finder is such a problem that in the Mac online community there is a well-know acronym that is commonly used: FTFF, meaning "Fix the Fucking Finder." Additionally, while Apple is busy adding these features, they sacrifice a great deal of their legendary usability and simplicity. Keep in mind I am not trying to bash Mac OS X; I am simply bringing to light many of the problems inherent in the software. I have divided the review into different pages to make it more readable, and if you don't do anything else, read the Finder page. Lastly, I value any civilised feedback in the forums.

Panther Screenshot Most Usable OS on the Planet Now I may think that Tiger is a disappointment, but this disappointment is exceeded by the disappointment of Linux, and more importantly, Windows XP. In other words, I consider Mac OS X Tiger to be the best OS on the planet. The most powerful thing I have to back this up is just overall impression, but there are also so many factual reasons why I hate Windows more than Mac OS X. I suggest visiting a comparison site or review to look into an in-depth comparison of the two most popular desktop systems. As for Linux, talk to me in 5 years and maybe then it will be ready, but right now it doesn't hold a candle to Mac OS X.

Deimos Rising Not a Gaming Rig Just because I think that Mac OS X Tiger is the most usable OS, doesn't mean it's the best OS for everyone. Clearly if you want to play games on your computer, Mac OS X is not for you. Unfortunately lack of games isn't the only deficiency: in the sidebar to the right I have a list of the problem areas I have seen. They are sorted into two categories: system-wide and app-specific. The system wide issues usually deal with poor consistency across the OS, like with contextual menus. The app specific issues usually deal with poor implementation of certain features.

Safari Dock Icon Menu No Exposé for You! Exposé was pretty sweet when it came out with Panther—years ago. However, it hasn't seen any improvement since then, and there are certainly ways it could be improved. Let's take one of the more important apps in Tiger: Safari. So if Exposé was decent, there should be some way to view and switch between these three web pages, right? But because these three pages are in tabs (one of the very features that Apple touts as making Safari better than Internet Explorer) there is no way to switch between them like you do windows. What good is Exposé if you can't use it on 3 out of 4 of your windows that just happen to be hidden in tabs? Additionally, tabs aren't integrated into the Window menu in the menubar or the contextual menu of the app icon in the dock. You see that screenshot to the left? I actually have twelve open webpages. Even then, of course, even the current implementation of exposé isn't quite perfect. There is one pertictuar quirk that I talk about in the Miscellaneous page.

Mac OS X Network Icon Complex Network Integration A system-wide issue is the overly-complex and buggy network "integration" in Mac OS X. It has numerous needless quirks and oddities, in short, it is just like the rest of the Finder. Visit the Finder page for an explanation and in depth look. I have always felt that there are plenty of places on the net that point out X problem or Y problem with the Finder (or any aspect of the OS), but I have never come across one website that attempts to compile all of the problems together. Also remember, this site is meant for "constructive criticism", I'm not trying to bash Mac OS X. There is a difference; I hope you can see it.

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